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Classes stop during school breaks. Family workshop days run through school holidays.

Our Classes

Yoga to build mental health among young people. While many young people are well, vibrant and have a strong voice in the world today, yoga supports and helps those who do not, through simple tools that alleviate stress, relieve trauma and empower young people. Exploring ways to communicate positively can help to ground life long tools to find compassion and empathy in all situations throughout our existence.

You will explore breathing techniques to help relax and release stress and to find tools to help you during labour. I currently teach pregnancy yoga as a private class in your home. Classes do not have to just be one-on-one. You're welcome to have friends or family join you. Going private is sometimes a special opportunity to suit a class just to your individual needs, daily life or circumstances. These classes are opportunities to work either by yourself or with a friend or partner to find what you want out of the class.

A doula is a birth companion and post-birth supporter. Giving non-medical support to women and families pre, during and post birth. If you are looking for someone to support and nurture you individually during your birth, please do get in touch. These workshops are informative and fun ways to approach labour, giving time to release any fears surrounding the birth of your baby.

These sessions help to undertake the birth of your child in a positive and open way.

SALA YOGA - 60 minutes dynamic vinyasa YOGASANA

Yoga parties are a great way to keep the kids amused during a party. Fun games, creative activities and time for cake and treats as well! Family day sessions are fun bonding experiences for families, creating enjoyable and beneficial experiences together. Working together to support families to bring a deeper connection and a better sense of calm and love into your home and lives. This practice can be enjoyed with your partner, friend, baby, young child, pre-teen or grandparent. This is a fun way to introduce the elements of breathing relaxation but all after playing great games developing coordination, cooperation and concentration.

It would be fantastic to go into Cubs, Beavers and Scouts groups too! If you would like your pack or troop to have some yoga fun please do get in touch. Please get in touch with any questions you may have about your particular needs and for prices and availability. I highly recommend Joe's yoga classes.

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Joe is very knowledgeable and her passion for yoga is evident in her varied and rewarding classes. Joe has inspired me to make yoga a part of my everyday life, which has greatly enhanced my sense of wellbeing. I really enjoy Jo's aqua yoga class.

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Not only does she make it good fun and is a great teacher, but I can feel how much I have benefited in my core stability and general fitness, having had two operations on my right hip. Thank you Jo - we all love you! You don't have to put that in, but it is true! Her knowledge, and her enthusiasm, along with her genuine empathy for my condition, makes her sessions something that I really look forward to. The reason I love yoga is because it is calming and is great body exercise.

The amazing games that come with it are great, like Janga and Corners. I have been having 1-to-1 yoga sessions with Joe for 2 years now. I am a competitive international wheelchair racer and I have been very pleased at how she has managed to adapt yoga to suit my situation and physical limitations.

I have noticed improvments in my body symmetry, flexibility and core strength and it has made me much more aware of my body positioning, alignment and areas of weakness I need to work on. I feel this has been a great benefit to me as an athlete and these improvements have really assisted me in my sport as well as in daily life. Joe is great as a teacher and easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone whether you are just starting out in yoga, as I was, or have been practicing it for years. Joe is an inspiring teacher making every class different, offering different approaches to poses for different abilities, encouraging and nurturing her students to be the best they can.

Ashtanga Yoga Split

The awakened energy will slowly displace the emotional charge from the core, which brings a fundamental cleansing of the primal fears and the stabilization of the lower energy centers. Intermediate series It brings a large opening of the upper centers from the heart upwards. All positions from the second series torsions, back foot positions, handstands, and headstands are aimed at opening the upper part of the central energy channel sushumna nadi. The energy that is already awakened and stabilized by the practice of the first series is directed deeper through the central channel toward the vertex, the end of the channel.

Advanced series Sthira bhaga They require greater stability, strength, focus and breath control.

Our Teachers

The advanced series practice brings the increased effects of the first two series. The first and second series are more than enough for the whole life of the practice without the feeling that it is "not enough". When wisely practiced in accordance with the laws of energy, full energy capacity can be awoken.

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The harmonious integration of energy within the central energy channel awakens innate intelligence, brings peace and a spontaneous state of surrender. Vinyasas Asanas are linked with vinyasas, dynamic movements synchronized with the breath. The purpose of vinyasas is purifying the body and nervous system. Vinyasas heat up the blood and make it softer, causing a rise in body temperature and increased sweating through which the toxins come out.

Vinyasas concentrate energy in shushumna nadi. Breath Breath is the central component of Ashtanga yoga. The breathing method we use is ujjayi breath or psychic breath. It is performed in a way that the vocal cords gently contract.

A guide to the most common yoga styles

The path through which the breath passes narrows and a soft sound is produced that resembles the sound of the sea. The ujjayi method of breathing allows a longer duration of breath and gives greater concentration ability. This kind of breathing has great power to purify all the negativities of the body and mind, to calm mental activity and to introduce us to timeless peace that is the backdrop of every thought process.

Bandhas Bandhas are an extremely important component of Ashtanga yoga. Bandha means "lock" or "shutter". The purpose of bandhas is to "unlock" the energy and direct it to the central energy channel. Mula root bandha is in its initial stage performed in a way that the perineum slightly contracts and lifts up in men, while in women it is achieved by gently tightening the muscles around the uterus. Mula bandha, which is said to be the main key, in ancient times was exclusively transmitted from teacher to student, after several years of practice of asanas and pranayama.

Its refinement leads to the spontaneous alignment of the physical, mental, and psychical body.