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Dilatancy, as a principal feature of sand behavior, is significantly affected by state of the sand.


State of the soil is determined by density and mean principal effective stress. Constitutive models which fail to consider this state dependency of sand samples are unable to predict both dilative and contractive behavior of the soil using a unique set of model constants. In fact, state independent constitutive models have to redefine their model constants upon any changes in states of the soil.

A generalized plasticity model for sands and its experimental verification

Several empirical correlations between internal parameters of constitutive models and several state variables have been proposed in literature. This study aims to investigate how implementing state parameter in a constitutive model can improve numerical predictions.

P. Wriggers, "Virtual Element Method for Finite Plasticity"

Herein, some of the empirical correlations in literature are adopted in a generalized plasticity constitutive model. Afterwards some single element and multi element tests are simulated applying both state independent and modified state dependent constitutive models.

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Outcomes of the numerical simulations are used to assess the proposed modification. Either drained or undrained triaxial tests are properly reproduced through the model.

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The potentialities deriving from the use of an advanced constitutive model are pointed out. Guest Access.

Generalized Plasticity [Paperback]

All the parameters with definite physical significance in the model can be determined by indoor experiments. Amount of experimental data are utilized to verify the predict capability of the proposed model. The results indicate that the sand behaviors with the conditions of undrained, drained and cyclic shearing can be reproduced properly by the model.

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