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Osiris Club. Rinpoche Dzang. General Norton Ricker.

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Iron Shoes. Father Adrian Frost. Doctor Olasz.

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William Grenier. Father Edward Kelly. Igor Weldon Bromhead.

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt

Countess Bellona Guarino. Count Guarino. Annie Hatch. Agent Waller. Katherin Boggs. Edwin D. Alice Monaghan. Father Mike. Mary Ann Glozek. Daoine Sidh. Torch of Liberty. George Whitman. Professor Malcolm Frost. Lady Cynthia Eden-Jones. Leopold Kurtz. Klaus Werner von Krupt. Grigori Rasputin. John Twardowski. Rene Goullet. Josh Ecton.

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Monsieur Boulez. Crimson Pharaoh. Ilsa Haupstein. Professor Doctor Karl Ruprect Kroenen. Bud Waller. Doctor Hoffman. Vladimir Giurescu. Kriegaffe 9. Herman von Klempt. Roderick Jahad. Ogdru Jahad. Henry Cavendish.

James Cavendish. William Cavendish. Sven Olafsen. Elihu Cavendish. Lady Emma Cavendish. Agent Clark. Yorkshire, England, UK. London, England, UK. Pandemonium, Hell. East Bromwich, England, UK. Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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Copenhagen, Denmark. Kopenhagen, Denemarken. Tarmagant Island, Scotland, UK. Iuka, Mississippi, USA. Bereznik, Russia. Druggan Hill, England, UK. Avebury, Wiltshire, England, UK. A bar in Morales.

Hellboy: The Wild Hunt

Lizartza, Basque Country, Spain. Capatineni Monastery, Romania. Portland, Oregon, USA. Kyoto, Japan. Griart, Balkans. Macapa, Brazil. Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

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Bois de Boulogne, Paris, France. Amalfi, Campania, Italy. The Right Bank, Paris, France.

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