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Reflecting on intercultural experiences

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Narratives of Chinese Doctoral Students in the UK

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FAQ Policy. About this book This book examines the identity formation and negotiation of Chinese doctoral students in the UK, and the opportunity for self-transformation this experience offers. Show all. Show next xx. Services for this book Download High-Resolution Cover.

PAGE 1. More and more people are in frequent communication with people from different countries and as a result the importance of developing an aptitude to understand other cultures is felt in many sectors of society. The application of arts-based and action-oriented methods is a useful and interesting step in this respect.

These accessible methods encourage people to make contact, to experience and participate in a joint and structured activity with people with different backgrounds or from different parts of Europe or the world. Performing playful, active tasks such as dance or creative activities such as photography or music making in small diverse groups enables people to interact with others in a non-threatening and inclusive way.

Some of these types of methods have already been used in various settings to make people feel comfortable in a new group, a new context or team, as ways to break the ice. Likewise, they can be applied successfully in intercultural settings. When designing such engaging activities for a diverse group a facilitator is bound to ask himself how each and everyone is likely to react: will participants feel comfortable and at ease, will they feel that the activity is appropriate and worthwhile, will they feel invited to join the activity, will the activity establish a level playing field for example by standing in a circle etc.

Dewey, J.