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Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy • Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching • Iowa State University

The Domain of Mental Procedures. The Domain of Psychomotor Procedures. Relationship to Blooms Taxonomy.

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Chapter 3 The Three Systems of Thinking. Retrieval Cognitive System.

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  • Comprehension Cognitive System. Analysis Cognitive System. Knowledge Utilization Cognitive System.

    ISBN 13: 9781412936293

    Selfsystem Thinking. The Nonprescriptive Nature of the New Taxonomy. A Tool for Designing Assessments.

    Understanding Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

    A Framework for a Thinking Skills Curriculum. In the revised taxonomy, knowledge is at the basis of these six cognitive processes, but its authors created a separate taxonomy of the types of knowledge used in cognition:.

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    Mary Forehand from the University of Georgia provides a guide to the revised version giving a brief summary of the revised taxonomy and a helpful table of the six cognitive processes and four types of knowledge. The authors of the revised taxonomy suggest a multi-layered answer to this question, to which the author of this teaching guide has added some clarifying points:.

    Although these examples are from the K setting, they are easily adaptable to the university setting. Metacognitive System.

    Cognitive System. Knowledge Domain.

    New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives 2nd ed. Authors: Robert Marzano and John Kendall

    Classroom Example Libby, a Grade 3 learner is thinking about a pyjama party she is going to attend this weekend when her teacher begins a math lesson. Her Metacognitive System tells her to pay attention and ask questions so she can do the work. The mathematical knowledge about concepts and procedures makes it possible for her to complete the problems successfully.